Razor Burn

A little painful and unattractive razor-burn after that morning shave? Don’t worry about it! The final :10 second ID is embedded at the bottom! Here’s an effect combination to fix that: Before: After: Make a simple mask and track it to the affected area…. Select the most red color for and change it to the […]

Pinehurst: Shakey Slow-mo

Our promos for our station’s coverage of the USGA Open in Pinehurst gave us multiple opportunities to film on the purposefully unkempt course, famous for it’s North Carolina foliage. We filmed preliminary footage before it was even very green. We also filmed a couple faux-reality style promos which we were instantly proud of, as it, […]

Storyboards & Animatics

Early DVDs and some VHS tapes had special features that always sparked my interest. They showed something that revealed the world behind the movie. One pertinent feature was the inclusion of increasingly more and more storyboards. Sometimes the story boards would show the actual scene side-by-side to celebrate how accurately the film was executed. Every […]

The Making of: Listens

  It’s been a long time coming. But one of the last of the Smarter Campaign spots has been finished. It was written last year, and it actually the last of the general image spots in the campaign’a series. There are two left, 1) “Investigates” and 2) “Doesn’t Quit.” We are opting to discard the […]


It doesn’t take much studying to see there’s a difference between real tilt-shift lens photography and the faked blurred high-contrast post-photography work that can be. Photoshopped or VFX’d to photos or footage. The earliest, most popular original tilt shift work that I can remember in modern time is the work done by Keith Loutit, who […]

The Making of: Connects the Dots

As a part of the Smarter campaign, we began with the concept of defining what Smarter is. Not an unworthy goal as it was the a brand new brand and not entirely defined in the minds of all those who heard of it. Turning away from the habit of writing for radio, I encouraged a […]

Office Redesign

Ever since leaving Omniture, the Adobe company, I have had a taste for office interior design. I’ve always had my eye on Ikea’s sleek designs for a home office, but what I’m talking about is the creative’s workplace. A space for the surroundings to inspire and influence the creativity of its inhabitants. A hub for […]