Girl reads old journal/letter/book from a man in the 19th century (picture Mr. Darcy) who wrote about how he could never find love. No one ever fit the description or understood the world the way he viewed it, and she has felt the same way. She feels that she fits that description. She gets to know him through his writing and falls in love with a man long past.
She writes a blog and a book and wishes that she could find the thing that gets published and lasts long enough that in the future her words will touch someone and pass down this love affair through the future.
She continues her research of the personal documents of this author from the past, and finds out through his words that one of her works last long enough (the blog on a certain server - or her poetry on Instagram, for example) and she finds hints of a her words or sentiment in the 19th century writer's personal journal. As she reads, it's like the movie Frequency and like Schrodinger's Cat, because someone in the future discovers a way to send messages backwards to "Mr. Darcy" in a time-bending, match-making plan. So our main character begins to realize this and figured out which blog is lasting into the future to convince "Mr. Darcy" of the reality of their communication, and she is led to various secreted documents or journals/love letters. They both fall equally in love. Then one day long after they are gone, in an ethereal future/perhaps afterlife? they are brought together and the world of the future/other side applauds them as it becomes clear that everyone in that future/afterlife were planning and hoping for this day when they could bring these two soul mates together.
This came about when I was off in thought while doing something monotonous, “Is it possible to fall in love with someone I could never meet?”
I came up with a deep ending that makes you question whether or not we are our own gods.
It’s implied in the fact that there’s this future that resurrects the two soul mates in the future and the future is virtually no different than the doctrine of the resurrection when we are brought together because the people of the future (or maybe the people on the other side of the veil) were planning and hoping this relationship could come together. So it’s not just a person discovering how to send messages to do some match-making, but it is the purpose of everyone in this distant future to bring these two together.

It’s similar to the idea that Shei Dew said she hopes she will marry one of the three nephites.

It’s also like Kurzgesagt says, that we wouldn’t be able to distinguish a civilization of such a high order that they would be essentially gods. (like a 4th level civilization)

It is the romantic version of what the future will be working on in Tenet - instead of trying to invert and risk destroying the world because of a doomed environment, the future is working to formulate our individual happiness.