What if he knew?
The story:
It's 1997, and Two girls discuss a young man. The older girl overtly expresses her crush on him. he's beautiful, likes the same things they like, is different than the rest. The younger girl finds herself trying to convince HER best friend that there's so much more to like about him beyond the superficial.
When she realizes she's the one in love, her worldview is rocked. She turns to the only outlet she has to express it: GEOCITIES
She concocts a way to hide her expressions in the form of coded letters online in a backend free website builder.
She writes letters addressed to "italy" and dramatically details her feelings while referring to real life events.
Eventually, through various conversations about web design he pokes around her GeoCities site and discovers her coded letters and not-so-coded events.
He finds a way to help her get her feelings out before asking:
Who's Italy?