Working Title:
Ghost Bounty
The true story of WHY the Taliban placed the RECORD highest bounty on an American Solider.
25% Documentary
75% Narrative

Taking the audience into highly-accurate scenes, such as the sand dunes escape.

Visuals that shift you out of your seat and into the perspective of the Green Berets.

Visceral Concepts of war to depict the 10% panic after the 90% boredom, where the mind can only hope for 80% accuracy because of how fast situations change.

An incredibly memorable scene will when the team Finds Cover in a Cornfield before they ignite the explosive 24 hours that would give democracy the Rare chance to breathe.
Tom Beckstrand
Big Tom

Afghanistan Special Forces

A Note from the Documentarian:
Simply put, The reason I felt a movie like "Ghost Bounty" was necessary is because of scenes like this from the ending of the movie "Captain Philips"
I remember seeing the difficulty explained on television at the time of the real event - the ups an downs of the waves, the two different weights of the big and small boats, and the tipping axes. I was completely impressed by the success of the mission.
The Navy seals sniper team performed their job, and then walk away quietly without the audience even seeing their faces.
I was blown away by the humility their roles required.
The truth about Special ops and special forces is that when they do their job well, no one notices. It's clean and under the radar.
It's the one thing I can relate to having spent time hiding errors as a visual effects artist in past work.
If no one notices, you did your job.
It's thankless, unless you get a chance to share the background story with someone in a compelling way.
That's what we're going to do.
"Ghost Bounty" is about the soldiers that get to be heroes for only a moment - and in front of very few people.
That's what these men deserve.
This is a true story of one of those soldiers .

Like most youth, my exposure to war was through movies and games. When I was younger, I remember watching an advertisement for a game about a specialized soldier.
It's soundtrack was solely a group of children reciting the pledge of allegiance...
This simple, creative idea took me back to memories of saying the pledge of allegiance in first grade.
When the chorus ended the pledge with a serious intensity - emphasizing the word "justice" - just before a bullet is shot, it took me to a place I had never been before.
My perspective on the pledge of allegiance had just changed.
Because of this one creative idea that juxtaposed innocence and espionage.
I'm not the only one that's noticed a shift in perspective on the word "patriotism."
I have always admired the best of the best in the military, and when I think of the United States special forces, I think of sacrifice.
Sacrifice of pride, of selfish wants and frequently the comfort of being able to relate to the general public.
Patriotism is belief in action. Belief in the potential of the sacred land we walk on and the memory of the family before us and the family ahead of us. I never served in the armed forces, but I feel that they represent our beliefs in action.
We must renew past feelings and instill new feelings of patriotism in this country.
And we will do it by changing perspective.
The MArketplace:
Films about DRAMA and war rarely include protagonists that bear their emotions, and when they do, they are memorable.
One of the greatest drawbacks to war movies is that the warfare is frequently overacted with unrealistic dialogue between the soldiers.
The action is rarely as sudden, without hesitation, and fast paced as it is in real life.
this is exactly what we want you to feel while watching "Ghost Bounty"
"The Hurt Locker" and "heat" are just some of the highly-rated films that fit this genre.
IMDb: ☆7.6/10
IMDb: ☆7.6/10
realism vs superficialism
People have either loved gritty realism or exaggerated action, but in "Ghost Bounty" we are bringing both realism and legitimately intense action. The only 
The investment:
What are the highest grossing films?
Dramas & Documentaries are high at the top of IMDb's rating and closer to the top of the metascore than any other.
MARKETING & Distribution:
In addition to the trade press, theatrical print, television, radio and digital outlets, with the support of international government and commercial space programs, educational institutions and organizations, we can expand our promotion through science, aeronautics and space publications, websites, youtube channels, radio and television stations and science-centric shows.
Tom Beckstrand
Tom Beckstrand is a former Army Special Forces officer (Green Beret) and graduated from Ranger School and West Point. He served four combat tours as a Special Forces team leader. Two tours were with an unconventional warfare team in Afghanistan and the other two tours were as a sniper team leader in Iraq.
He currently produces stories, training and reviews within the military and civilian weapons industry.
His is a story of miraculous survival and leadership skills in one of the most heart-pounding stories of the 21st Century.