When we rented a RED Epic from across the country, I knew there was only a small window to take advantage of its capabilities.
I planned away my day off in order to fill it with opportunities to use the camera as much as I could.
Just by knocking on a door, I happened upon a chance to film a unique craftsman who came in on the weekend to hone his skills in welding. 45 minutes of running around with only a camera and an L-series lens, I captured some of my favorite raw shots and a brief interview with a separate recorder.
With only a glimpse of an idea for a visual motion graphics theme, a couple hours of editing later, I had a product to show clients as an example of what we could potentially do.
Just as in every other situation, I knew I could do it, if given the resources. Since then we've been asked to create more than a campaign of videos after this style.
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