AHA is one phenomenal place. Not just a school, but an atmosphere to be experienced. One where we as producer and content marketers have seen the impact over a year.

There are a lot more videos that will be embedded here as they become public.

We provided these aspects that were requested:
• Define the goal: must be “admissions focused”
• Tie every scene in the video to the goal defined in #1 above.
• Tells a “story” through emotion using drama or humor to make a personal connection with the viewer versus systematic delivery of information.
• Delivers a “memorable” moment to the viewer. Ask: Why you remember the video?
• Give the viewer a call to action (CTA)
• Length will be the optimal 2 minutes (or thereabouts) for the standard length videos
• Length will be the optimal 30-seconds for the shorter, social media cutdown videos
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