A large crew. A lot of cameras. Hours and hours of interviews. And a concert.
Blackfire: A Modern Warcry was a feature-length documentary, an official selection & honorable mention of the DOCUTAH 2010 Film Festival.
Filmed in Arizona & Utah. In production we organized two concerts and several trips.
Executive Producer - Phil Tuckett
Writers & Directors - Judea Runs Through / Zak Ciotti
DP - Zak Ciotti
1st Camera Operator - Ben Banks
2nd Camera Operator - Tyler Pollock
Additional Photography - Chad Prince / Corey Holmstead / Preston Grimes / Jon Andrew
Steadicam Operator - Ben Banks
Editors - Judea Runs Through / Zak Ciotti
VFX & Motion Graphics - Zak Ciotti
Footage Log Lead - Terri Saunders
Additional Log Crew - Judea Runs Through / Jon Andrew / Layne Roberts / Chad Prince / Liliana Guerrero / Preston Grimes / Corey Holmstead / Zak Ciotti / Don Shelline
Audio Engineer - Don Shelline
Boom Operators - Don Shelline / Chad Prince
Research - Virginia Strong
Interviewers - Judea Runs Through / Phil Tuckett / Zak Ciotti / Terri Saunders / Liliana Guerrero
Publicity - Stephanie Clark & Tyler Pollock
Providing an inexpensive way to ensure a full theatre, the Film Dept supplemented the cost of tickets to bring a concert closer to the CMI Production Agency to be more fully filmed.
Judea Runs Through & myself co-directed the documentary.
A very mixed crew simply bombarded the underground concert in an establishment organized by the band. Awkward moments ensued, not the least of which was my announcing over the microphone why we were there.
Originally inspired by Runs Through's brothers' love for the Navajo Punk Rock band, I knew her concept was going to be accepted if I could join her efforts to pitch the idea. The seemingly inevitable success had the support of everyone involved.
Post production was virtually a nightmare. Between the headaches of FCP7 and the lack of support or pipeline for editing the project, Judea Runs Through sacrificed a truly insane number of hours to finesse and dedicate her skills (practically losing an entire Summer) to complete all 1.3 hours of the documentary. My contribution was in Motion Graphics and some Visual Effects.
The original premiere was small, but the film festival premiere + concert was a massive success.
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