In this grid below, I started with the left sketch, which was wildly messy and discouraging, and ended up moving too fast and shaded it and lined it hard before thinking to take a photo, the middle is a slightly cleaned up version and the right is the fully detailed version.
Truthfully, if you look at how thick the strokes are, you'll be able to tell how small it was. I also drew in fairly dim light in my living room and was using a push pencil that didn't have the best eraser, so that's why you see things like the extra dark line on the right corner of her mouth.
In this shot below, you can see it from the proper perspective of the paper and see what kind of extreme wide angle I was going for. Not something typical for me, but I wanted to try it. It's a copy of something I saw someone drawing almost 16 years ago from my memory.
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