With a new venue, earlier date, and a compressed timeline for planning, there were certainly challenges for the 2014 Library of Congress National Book Festival. Working with our great clients at the Library of Congress, as well as stellar vendors all around, the team was able to not only meet the expectations for this year, but according to the attendees, authors, and sponsors, exceed all expectations for the transition. Thanks to the Library of Congress, EventEQ, GES, as well as Fleishman Hillard.

Decibel Management

Greenroom Communications

Camera Operators
Zak Ciotti, Penn Holderness

Zak Ciotti

Motion Graphics
Zak Ciotti

Washington DC
When the National Book Festival had utilized Greenroom's production previously, the next year they asked for more and better work. I took on this project with barely any direction and virtually single-handedly. There was so much being captured and so much being covered, I knew only a fraction would be included. But that's what I was taught to do when documenting: collect and gather and pick out the best.
The editing process was long and arduous. Again, with very little planned, the magic had to take place in the edit. We have a close relationship with the management company, so we could casually go back and forth about notes and adjustments. One of my favorite parts was the music. It seemed to hit the tone just right. Having been there with them as the event was unveiling, I can say this video accurately captures the scene.
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