An opportunity arose after I filmed a unique take on telling a welder's story. It was primarily a an interview covered in beauty shots. Most were 240 fps. But it stood out, as was the intention, from all the other comic and corporate video Greenroom previously produced.
When I showed our client First Bank "Iron In My Beard" they knew immediately that they had chosen the right production agency.
With their desires in mind, I composed a similar tone as their inspiration about 3 different farms and farmers. The idea was to create a geniune story in order to touch the hearts and minds of the viewers who wish to lead a life similar to these stalwart founders of society. The brand is made evident in what is being promoted: values of hard work, passion, family legacy, and kindness. We helped First Bank show people that they agree with these sort of values, and more.
Joining me on the first shoot was a new shooter who traded off cameras during the shoot.
As always, we captured far more than we would end up using. So in the editing process, I took it upon myself to thoroughly seek out the sincerest comments. I had taken Mr. Hagler on a 5 minute walk just rolling the camera as it hung in my hand, and practically unaware of its recording, the farmer opened up to me and stopped "answering questions."
That's the breakthrough of this piece.
Coloring and selective lighting using masks and motion tracking assisted the look, made possible with Sony's phenomenal sensor and the S-log profile.
For the Farm Campaign we won Two Gold Addys and one of the two Mosaic Diversity Awards given out of 300+ entrants in the 2016 TriangleAdFed club.

Credits: Greenroom Communications LLC, Kim Dean Holderness, Micah James Salberg, Sonja Ciotti, Penn Holderness and First Bank.
For the Hagler Farms piece, Greenroom also won a bronze Telly.
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