H&R Block gives away cash! It was the first brand I worked with after my tenure at WNCN. Decibel Management put on the event. They had hired M1 to create the Cash Machine. Ketchum hired Decibel Management, and they in turn hired Greenroom. For the most part these videos were fully produced by myself. Everyone involved was a pleasure to work with!

H&R Block, Ketchum, Decibel Management

Zak Ciotti

Greenroom Communications

Director of Photography
Zak Ciotti

Zak Ciotti

Motion Graphics
Zak Ciotti

Los Angeles, CA, Kansas City, MO, Houston, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Atlanta, GA, USA

H&R Block has been a favorite client because of their willingness to indulge in new ideas. That's what separates them from others in their industry.​​​​​​​

Following the strategies employed in developing campaigns previously, I created similarities and themes throughout.

Music played a big part in these as well. Tilt-shift was created using real Special Effects in camera, all except the opening scene in Kansas City, which was an inspired, new method of faux tilt-shift that can be used on any lens.
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