This is my first whack at the Wacom tablet & pen doing a digital painting of a hand-drawn graphite portrait. This is my beautiful wife Sonja, who I think I captured fairly accurately. It's still very cartoony, but that was the style I was trying to match. I give credit to the talented and elusive Vivien Bertin from Paris, France who is one of the few people I'm currently following and taking special care to notice on Behance. Phenomenal techniques, very accurate hand, and an experienced set of tools. But I'm never discouraged, but only inspired to try my own hand at it. And here's the walkthrough of the results:
Here's the timelapse of the drawing. Very slow, all done with the Wacom Intuos 3. But I thought I did rather well for a first timer.
3 hours and 36 minutes isn't exactly accurate - there was some moments where I left the computer and didn't pause the recording.
This is where I captured the beautiful sight. This is also the same beach where sharks were spotted. And just a mile or so from another beach where sharks attacked in a tragic few hours. Sad time to get attached to boogieboarding for the first time.
A clipboard from my boss at Footlocker gave me and my pencil box (which is actually an old VHS case for a library rental in Johnstown, PA). Trendy messenger bag, too.
Below is the actual sketch that I did at the beach. Taken with iPhone 6.
Here is the screenshot of the high contrast image that I traced in the latest version of  Photoshop CC.
Here is the outline only on white background.
Here is the outline with flat color and texture added to the swimsuit on a transparent background as seen in Photoshop's UI.
This one looks very much like painting. It's the full color minus the outlines.
And this is the final piece. Or where I decided to stop, anyway. My favorite part is the work on the shading and smudges with glows of fuschia on the suit. Also, the glow on the sand from the umbrella. Those waves aren't too bad either.
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