Stephaun Perry shared with me the 2018 viral hit "This Is America" music video which contains a lot of shock-material including violence. He felt strongly about the video, as have many. It's not for everyone, least of all those sensitive to violence and people who aren't sympathetic to black culture and violence towards blacks.

In light of the coming anniversary of the freeing of slaves in the United States, Stephaun wished to garner the same sentiment from "This Is America" and change the entire theme to surround American slavery of African peoples. This is a dance video, and the talent are local dancers from North Carolina.

This video is also not for everybody. Stephaun is a master of pulling off a lot with very little, and try as he did, the shocking scene with blood did not look remotely realistic. He asked if I would add some to realize the effect, and I took up the challenge. Although a popular effect found all over the internet, it was still something I had never tried. At it's core, it is simply images of liquid splattered on a transparent background motion-tracked onto various parts of one of the characters.

Although the blood is fake, the visual effects appear realistic and may be disturbing to viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
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