Threat response & Training

"It is not right for us to engage in the shedding of human blood, for vengeance or retaliation. But when the Lord commands or inspires his servants to counsel the sons and daughters of Israel to lend their aid in the work of righteous warfare, that is different. … We are to arise in our might and in our strength and go forth to victory; not with a desire to shed blood, not with the desire to destroy our fellow creatures, but in self defense and because we do want to maintain and hand down to our posterity those sacred principles of liberty that have been revealed from on high.”
-President Charles W. Penrose, counselor in the First Presidency, Conference Report, Oct. 1917, 21

"The fight for freedom is God's fight... When a man stands for freedom he stands with God. And as long as he stands for freedom he stands with God. And were he to stand alone he would still stand with God... Any man will be eternally vindicated and rewarded for his stand for freedom."
-Ezra Taft Benson, "An Enemy Hath Done This"
"Make sure that you do not use any thing [to assist] while doing pushups, don't lean on a bench or anything to make it easier.' . . . the most common self defense situation will be hand-to-hand and . . . our basic automatic reaction is to push someone away. This is why it [is] an important exercise."
LEarning from an instructor that fits you and learning the martial art that piques your interest is essential to creating a habit of maintaining consistent training. It is by training that you ensure you will respond the way you need to in a threatening situation.
Although there is no one best martial art, Below are three vetted, local schools with different styles:
 ◇ Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
      Grappling and submission, made famous by UFC.
 ◇ Muay Thai
      Striking with arms and legs, Also known as Thai Boxing.
 ◇ To Shin Do
      branch of the oldest mixed martial arts, known for philosophy and great for kids.

"Your last resort is to fight and when you fight you have to fight for your life.
Meaning: Your level of violence has to be greater than your adversary"
"Everything goes. It's either you or him."

-Clint Emerson, retired Navy Seal
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Firearm Safety
Pistol Beginner & Masterclass
Dry Firing
Concealed Carry Training NC DOJ Manual
Milsim Airsoft
(communication, night experience and fitness benefits)
(Close Quarters Combat for safety and effectiveness in urban environments)

Unclassified Army Instruction

Gear Standardization
As a team of two or more, decide a standard for gear placement on your person so that teammates can access the correct pockets or pouches, regardless of visibility.
Body Armor
Right-handed Clockwise:
Pistol > Tourniquet > Bleedstop Medpack > Leatherman > Fighting Knife > Dump Pouch > Flap Mag Pouch > QD Mag Holder > Double Pistol Mag Holder
Philosophy & Modern Scripture
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