The Romey Lynchings - Short Documentary
LexisNexis - VFX
"Theophany" Inspired Short Film
April Sketches!
Sketches | Spring 2020
My Muse "At Last"
Easter Hare meets Samurai Redhead
"JUMPERS" Spontaneous Character Design
Photoshop Project "Corona Recovery Girl" [VIDEO]
Woman Figure WIP
My muse
Protector - Photoshop Sketch and Color
The Island of Waponi Woo - Photoshop Vintage Map
If I were a woman
Flag Girl & Mecha Boy
Costume Design - 2020
BOLDRUSH! Cadet Girl - Sketch in Phases
Photoshop Sketches and Practice
Female Tones - Photoshop Drawing/Painting
Kimono Kick Thought - Photoshop Painting 2020
My Little Boy's LCD Drawing Tablet
BASF - "E3 Sustainability"
Stake Center - National Ad
PEEQ QBall - Classroom with Emerson
Sizzle Reel of Fundraiser Ben Farrell
Coastal Shower Doors - "Hands"
Glas - Artist Spotlight
Bones Studio - Artist Spotlight
Coworks Ad
Mixmax + Adwerx Interviews
IBM Maximo Demo for Enterprise Asset Management
American Grand Strategy
American Hebrew Academy - Marketing Video Content
JDRF - Fundraising Gala Event
Stephaun Perry's "This is America" Tribute - VFX
Cancelled Project Storyboards & Example
NC Education Lottery - Student Stories
TiO - Motion Graphic Animation
Poetry & Music-driven Short
View from Above
"Adaptec" Branded Content
#StudioNight - Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life" Studio Night - Sherlock Holmes 2
Centerline's IBM Cloud Identity Promo
Reflection Removal VFX
Stranger Things - Studio Night: Scene Recreation
"Liquid Desert" - Documentary
Centerline Digital - IBM eLearning Series
GC Hoops Animations
Mother Earth 2012 Photography
Man-made 2012 Photography
"That's Not You" Campaign
Cafe de Honesty
Centerline Digital - IBM
Citrix ShareFile - Motion Graphic Animation
Chronicle Books - "Nature's Remedies" Book Trailer
"Going Sane" - Feature Documentary
NC Education Lottery -Multiply Your Excitement Campaign
Catch the Fever - Social Media Slideshow
JGG - Video Evolution
"Under Contract" Documentary Color Grade
Poo~Pourri - "Choose Your Own Adventure" Campaign
Freedom United Rebrand (Motion Graphics Additions)
Citrix ShareFile - Surprise & Delight
Our Kind of Home Videos
Interior Design Photos 2011
The Holderness Family Logo Evolution
Nature 2011
A Little Too Perfect - Effects of CMV
Script-to-Storyboard Workflow
Poo~Pourri - National TV Spot VFX
Influx - Fundraising Video
#Rush2Africa - Crowd-funding Campaign
BOLDRUSH! Branding
Show Reels
Humans 2011
Poo~Pourri - Motion Tracking
H&R Block - Cash Machine Campaign 2015
Boston Documentary - "NAS South Weymouth: A Legacy"
Prize-winning "1Law" Commercial
Emmy & Telly winning "Smarter" Campaign
First Bank: Farm+ Campaign
ThePianoGuys - VFX
Resort VFX
UK Photography
86it VFX
"Tiny Johnstown" - Tilt-shift Photography Project
Endevr - Spanish TV Spot
Fox Home Entertainment - VUDU
Sasha DiGiulian - Rock Climber
Super Slomo - Two Musicals
Pinehurst Opening - Compositing
Decibel Management - National Book Festival
Children's Flight of Hope
Opici Wines VFX
"Orson" Short Film
Blackfire Feature-length Documentary
A One-Star Night: The Unorthodox Poetry of Sonja Ciotti
Pawfect Match
Award-winning Rex Hospital on YouTube
Mr. Las Vegas Documentary BTS
Virtual 3D Photos
Fare Thee Well - Digital Painting
Photoshop Painting Timelapse with Wacom Tablet
Late Night with Seth Meyers (Cross Branding)
Interior Design for the Creative
Ready Wrap
Cooking Healthy & Fast
Close Things 2011
The Holderness Family Viral Videos
The Sodfather
Endevr - Elite (Fashion Montage)
Endevr - Faux Product Production
Endevr - Contest Ads
Sporting Events: BIKE MS Las Vegas & St George Marathon
Emmy winning "Weather Facts" Campaign
Improving Image Promos
Emmy-nominated TSR Promo
Pottery Photography 2011
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